No commentary or other distractions.
Quieter forrest song – helps pump up shy birds but can also be drowned out easily by some music – if you R2D2 the way I do…
Bird-like Robot changes pattern, pitch, stereo location, and more for a more interesting and effective training session.
2 full hours of unique R2D2 squackin.

Budgie tested, parakeet approved. Cockatiel tolerated…

    17 replies to "2 Hours of Ultimate R2D2 Parrot Training"

    • oli5 Dijksma

      My parrot chose one very annoying sound and makes it as loud as possible. Definitely not a success

    • ☯oky ♪

      Its possible to made the same with W. Shakespeare ? For my dog

    • Dumb music sells

      I played R2D2 sounds for my Cockatiel Titan for 1 minute. Now he loves making the sounds himself🤣

    • Grey

      What’s with the visuals? Do they help the bird learn?

    • Moira Cornejo

      This is so amazing

    • Brain Fry French Fry

      watched the whole thing. i can do them perfectly now!

    • Jakev08

      Will they pick up the background rainforest/ bird sounds? Or just the beeps?


      One of my birds is OBSESSED with this video. He almost asks for it hahaha

    • bullatthegate

      Thanks for the effort! My birds love to watch the screen also .

    • Poco Blair

      I honestly don't know much or anything about copywrite stuff, and can't seem to find a clear answer, so I figured I'd ask.
      I play old video games for high scores, and tape the attempts-I'm pretty active with my flock, so they get a little loud when I "ignore" them for 20/30 minutes, but this video keeps them occupied really well.
      Would it be untoward for me to be taping, non-profit, playing a 30 year old SNES game with this going in the background, to submit at Twin Galaxies, a high score site?
      I know that's kinda a weird question-I'd never steal, so I had to ask, but let me know, it would be incredibly helpful!

    • Poco Blair

      Stumbled on this for my birdies, they seem to be enjoying it.
      Now, a handful of magic mushrooms and me and the flock are set for a while.
      (Teasing, but…uhhh…you might should advertise this to that community as well, lol!!!)

    • spectaclesociety

      greenlight budgie happy listener here, tnx

    • Renoldo Jeffrey

      This is amazing

    • Sarah Adams

      Who would unlike this??? Lol

    • Tusskie

      The birbs are learning how to be better spy bots lol

    • chikibug

      I appreciate the effort that went into this! I love how you isolated the sounds, slowed the sequence and translated them! My birds love too. Thank you.😊

    • Brody

      @BirdCasts  2²q2eecd cxxxxxxx. x. Xx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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