Zelena is a young macaw at the natural fledging age for teaching flight. Her owners Krystal and Michael contacted me after devouring all the information from my website and on my parrot training courses and have been – to date – the easiest students to coach on freeflight. Krystal’s background in dog training (which she does for a living!) helped greatly in her overall understanding of training concepts.

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(Oldest to Youngest)
Female Galah 💜 BONDI (bond-eye) 💜 hatched 2005
Female Congo African Grey 💜 CRESSI 💜 hatched 2007
Male Galah 💜 BANDIT BOY 💜 hatched 2008
Male Blue Throated Macaw 💜 JINX 💜 hatched 2008
Male Camelot Macaws 💜 COMET & TUSA 💜 hatched 2008
Male Toco Toucan 💜 ROCKO 💜 hatched 2011
Female Sun Conures 💜 LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA (dee-et-ka) 💜 hatched 2011

BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    17 replies to "A Military Macaw's Freeflight Journey | Krystal and Zelena"

    • Bev C

      Hi Guys. Great video. I found you through a consultation video you did with Mikey and Mia's human mummy and daddy. I'm too old and have mobility issues to have a bird of any sort. I just watch the wonderful videos. The birds are just joyous to watch. Thank you for helping others give their birds the life they should lead in captivity. I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos. 😘😘

    • Sir Kant

      From Germany 🇩🇪 watching your free flight videos. I got into harness training my female ducorps is adapting fast but the younger male needs some more training

    • Missy Jet

      Hello Jamie and Dave,Have you seen the free flight birds in the uk, I think they’re awesome.

    • Merrilee Rushnot

      I think she’ll go looking for the cage.

    • New Heights Learning Online

      I haven't had any pets since my children grew up, but I totally enjoy watching Bird Tricks and the training, the flying and the cuteness of your birds. If I ever get another pet, it will be a parrot.

    • Shelly Shannon

      I think she’ll be fine.

    • Molly Gribbin

      I’m hoping Dave is right on the exploratory flight!!!!

      well me and my husband will finish watching to see.👀💕🪶🥰

      We just love watching your channel!!
      We’re currently looking for our first macaw. We’re just not, to sure on which kind exactly to get? All’s we know is, we just want a macaw for sure!!! 🥰
      Also -We definitely want to free fly.

      We love the idea our baby will being doing, what it’s born to do. ( as baby “we mean our macaw”)

      💕 Charles & Molly

    • D G.

      Just awesome!

    • Hell Dragan

      so how can we still book consultations with you when all is sold out?????
      I really need your help with consultations. We have 5 birds total.

    • Kiki Rose

      2trial flights

    • Dreadnought Hvor

      I like to let my pet cockatiel watch this. He can't fly because his wing was broke some time before I rescued him, but he loves watching other birds fly around while flapping his wings to emulate.

    • Mighty Quinn

      Amazing video makes me want to free fly my parrot even though I don’t have one YET!! Great job guys

    • Teresa W.

      I love ❤️ all of the videos I have watched! All of the birds are so beautiful and cute 🥰! I would love to see them in person! They are magical 🧙‍♀️ Now here is is a twist on things, I have a cat 🐈‍⬛ that is so stubborn and willful. She is a Bombay and she is 1 1/2 years old my husband and I were actually looking into taking her to training class’s. When I started watching your channel I started applying so of your techniques on her. We have a ways to go! I can see her focusing more. Thank you 🙏🏻 for all the hard work you do. ❤️💕😍❣️

    • Giga chad


    • Brenda Johnston

      I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to your birds! I am a bird lover even though I don’t own one. But maybe someday.

    • Hell Fire

      Hey cutie😂😂

    • Bianka 660

      I wish I could come too 🤣❤

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