From 20 days old to 2months old, Eli (Cockatiel) learn how to FLY and come back to me, from hand feeding, bonding and training basic racalls for more than 1 month of patience we succesfully make Eli a FREE flyer and now Eli is the one guiding my other 2 GREEN CHEEK CONURE (MAX & PILO) in FREE FLIGHT. Hope you like this video compilation of how Eli became a CERTIFIED Free Flight Cockatiel. If you Like this Video Please Leave a Like, Comment and Please Don’t Forget to Subscribe. Thank you and God Bless…


    • sewar fars

      كنت متمنية من انا وصغيرة يكون عندي بلابل كوكتيل صغير اربيه في البيت🙏🏻

    • Попугаи содержание и разведение

      Здорово, прям мечта, у нас так птичку не выпустишь, ястреб быстро ее словит.

    • herald corpus

      New sub here! Salamats sa tips sir! 🙏🤙🐦

    • Albert Custodio

      Idol gawa kanaman po vid pano po mag walk recall

    • frederic gagneux


    • neronegro

      Hey man you are doing great, I m so interested in your channel keep it up! 🙂

    • manilasilverfox

      Lods, bakit di ka gumagamit ng whistle?

    • Sadia Susmi

      Tnkx for this inspiaration video brother 🥰🥰

    • حسن محمد


    • Muhammad Rizwan

      Good training

    • lnhovpjvyvibpfupup

      Boss ano tawag sa Cockatiel na ganyan yung kulay

    • Zbigniew Siwiec



      Cocktail beby prise

    • Jason Darling

      We also had one Cockatiel for like mmm 🤔 probably 6 months…. He was getting rather LOUD for us and we had to sell him!

    • Jason Darling

      I’m wondering if Eli will stay with this coloring or will she change still into another color?

    • T J

      I was getting scared when Eli flew high and far!!

    • Oreo

      Lods bat ung tiel ko ndi rumoronda ?? 4 days ko na sya outdoor 😅 pano po magparonda ??

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