Bird Box Ending Scene HD (Blu Ray): Bird Box Finale Scene.

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    22 replies to "Bird Box-eindscène HD (Blu Ray)"

    • @ineedaticketout

      And then???

    • @drunk_towin16

      God this sure was a tense movie… it was very good tho

    • @egb267

      I just watched the Barcelona

    • @perfectlybalanced8995

      After watching Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, I definitely needed to see this

    • @SerialDesignationaN

      This was a cute ending honestly

    • @gareginasatryan6761

      it's a clever allegory. the blind ones are the ones that survive, but the one's that can see go crazy.

    • @Xormai

      Plot twist they are all blind

    • @anasasarani6723

      Actually the movie teach us how we feel if we have sight/blindness disability

    • @Sleet-user

      i was hoping the would see, the thing

    • @SakuraVibezVA

      This is such a beautiful ending.

    • @CassieDee21

      Just finished watching bird box and personally I love the ending. I remember watching with my husband and mid way into the film I said, I admire the blind for being able to live without sight, and then this scene came and they were the hero’s of the film :).

    • @mrlegend2961

      There needs to be a 2nd part were they try to defeat it

    • @mikeylove7323

      this makes me wanna cry!

    • @whichDude

      There's like a hundred people there. How do they still have food? Why is there a school for the blind in the middle of a forest?
      I liked everything until that unbelievable ending.

    • @201hastings

      I guess they thought the audience couldn’t handle them being intentionally blind like in the book. Reminds me of I am legend

    • @MrLincoln87

      I still think it should have panned over a sign Institute for the blind and deaf…..
      Slowly panning over institute making her think it was a mental institute at first

    • @albatrochez3148

      the mom looks like michael jackson with plastic surgery

    • @Tyy-_-

      But what if your blind?

    • @federalbureauofmemesf.b.m2251

      this is the best part of the hole move😢

    • @reuvelyne

      This is such a wholesome scene.

    • @amberu1123

      is impossable to survive bird box

      blind peeps holdeh beer

    • @surennerus614

      The only Thriller movie that has happy end.

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