Let’s talk about building the ultimate parrot aviary with @Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch. Make sure to write in the comments what your ultimate parrot aviary would look like, how big it would be, what birds you’d have in it and anything else you’ve thought about including!

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Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    13 replies to "BUILDING THE ULTIMATE PARROT AVIARY! | Feat. @Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch"

    • Zunair Birds

      Good information plus help new people

    • Love of Pets

      I love Blakes channel and his aviary and all his pets. You must of had a great time at his ranch.

    • Winnie Roberts

      Always wondered what zoo mesh was! Need some of that!! The water fowl are so cute xo

    • Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch

      Thank you for all the help! It was great to have you guys at the ranch!

    • Redline Courier

      If this video was an hr long I would have watched it all. Wish you would have walked around a little more.

    • mc dart

      A giant, natural outdoor aviary for my birds is on my wish list. This just took it to a whole new level!!!!
      Heading over to Blake’s channel to pump up his #$! Go zoo mesh!!!!

    • Aleksander Haywood

      I would definitely sometimes put my two budgies in there, as cuddly as they are I can't imagine actually getting to watch them forage for something non-mischievous; I think the bond you have with a bird when it's willing to choose you over something extremely rewarding is indescribable and I'm happy to say my budgie and I would love to practice freeflight in there! I can't imagine my other budgie would come back to me more than 70% of the time though. XD

    • Christine Litvak

      If you build something like this, please have some sort of security. The museum of natural history in our city had someone get into an enclosure at night with spotlights to blind the birds and they proceeded to torture the birds. We are talking bald eagles, hawks, owls who could have otherwise defended themselves except for the blinding lights. Some birds died, some had to be put down the next morning when the vandalism was discovered. Please have alarms, cameras, and alert your bird-sitters when you are gone, to check on the flock that is still at home.

    • oussama bentouhami

      Small enclosures is better than one big enclosure in your case because you can focus on every animal in it adding to that you will not have territorial issues also birdtricks are good at determining the number of birds in the same enclosure

    • Shuer Marvin

      Wow, that is a beautiful aviary.

    • dellie B

      Awesome, beautiful and thought out enclosure.👍🏼

    • Ty Fuentes

      I love your vids and have a question I live near a small power plant that is only on sometimes but I still don’t know if it affects my bird because it’s really near by, do you think I can have a parrot outside without him getting health problems? Thanks

    • muurrarium

      Around here the cheapest way (the Netherlands) is: find yourself an old hothouse/greenhouse (whatever you call them) frame, usually they are free as long as you pick up everything (which may also give you a lot of glasspanels if you want an out-of-the-weather corner). Frame is metal so anyone with 2 functional hands can add a layer of mesh. (or even netting like they use in zoos / as shown in the beginning of this vid. /it is really basic zoo-supplies, nothing fancy or our of the ordinairy. But mesh is way cheaper 😉 )
      Since those frames come in every size and shape (tunnel or more walls-roof-type) just find one you like/ have the space for.
      (Most of them even come with doorframes and doors)
      Do not forget about rodents/other pests. If it is a live-in aviary putting some mesh under the ground (2-3 feet deep, all over) keeps out a lot of the larger predators/vermin.

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