Easy bird / parrot training for every owner, even new ones!

As usual I have examples from my own flock, with all our parrots showing things through example rather than me just telling you!

Some of them have been featured in older videos, but I realise how many new subscribers I have and not everyone has seen everything. So this video should have something for everyone.

Any comments or if you have other questions you’d like answered in dedicated videos do feel free to post down below!

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    10 replies to "Easy Bird Training Techniques For Every Parrot Owner | TheParrotTeacher"

    • Benjamin Eckles

      Hey David.
      What seeds do you find make the best training treats?
      In the way of size, something they can finish fast to get back to training?

    • Brenda Teo

      Useful to know, Thanks David

    • ESLteacher62

      Thanks! This is very helpful!

    • Village Witch

      Targeting is very useful. You can actually teach them to touch the stick with other parts of the body too like the feet or shoulder, though it's a bit harder because they're less likely to do that spontaniously. We do it with the dogs and it can be very useful for teaching certain tricks. The same principle can also be used but instead of a stick you could use a small piece of paper or fabric (or whatever really) and teach them to step onto that. That can then be developed into teaching them to walk or fly to a certain place without having to use a stick to direct them (presumably -again, we do it with the dogs but i don't see why it shouldn't work with parrots too).

    • Vee

      Redirecting is one of my go-to’s. For instance, Stella gets into very nibbly moods when she’s feeling cuddly. She’ll start biting your skin, hair, ears, clothing etc. So I always keep some of her favourite shredding toys on hand and offer them to her when she starts nibbling, which satisfies her natural urges and keeps my clothing and skin intact haha.

    • claiyageil

      Wonderful information. Another good tip is to keep training under 5 minutes. You want to end the session where they are still wanting more. This makes it end more positively and they don't get bored or frustrated with you turning it into a negative thing.

    • StuckInTheLazyCorner Again

      This is really helpful thank you David!
      Would love some advice on how to deal with training multiple birds?
      My male budgie (Cosmo) has started getting quite aggressive towards my female (Jazz) during training which not only is making him more stressed but it's also making my female less inclined to participate in training. Currently they train on their cage door so I can't really move either of them away.
      Any ideas?

    • Toni Maffeo

      Thank you so much David . I have a question .I have two budgies Jack & Jill . Had them since august they are doing amazing with us and with each other .

      Jill is always throwing her food out of the bowl . Is there a reason why ? She eats great as Jack does . Also should I get a feeder ? Ty so much your amazing 🌻🌻🌻

    • Jewbakarbra wiggins

      im feeling gassy from baked beans

    • Jetty Haitsma

      Always love your videos!
      I’ve learned so much from you and Sophie.
      It’s so much fun training my conure. Actually have mastered potty training her. It’s amazing what you can teach them. We certainly have less messes when Snoopy is out of the cage. It’s rather funny, when she’s on my hand and “ needs to go” she’ll tap my hand so I bring her to the cage and she does it👏😂🦜
      There is still the occasional “accident”tho.

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