Green Ringneck Baby Parrot Growth Stages | Full Care And Training

Join me on an extraordinary adventure as we witness the remarkable growth and development of Chilli and Milli, two adorable green ringneck parrot chicks, right from the tender age of 14 days until they take their first flight! This captivating YouTube series follows the awe-inspiring process of hand-rearing and nurturing these incredible creatures.

In this heartwarming video, you’ll get an up-close and personal look at the nurturing journey of Chilli and Milli as they transform from tiny, vulnerable hatchlings into magnificent, fully-fledged flyers. We’ll take you through every step of their growth, from feeding them by hand with utmost care to meticulously recording their progress as they blossom into beautiful parrots.

You’ll witness the magical moments of their early interactions with humans, as they gradually develop trust and forge an unbreakable bond with their dedicated caretaker. We’ll provide insights into the delicate feeding process, showcasing the meticulous techniques used to ensure their healthy development.

Through stunning footage, you’ll experience their charming personalities unfold before your eyes. Watch as Chilli and Milli eagerly explore their surroundings, playfully interact with each other, and respond to their caretaker’s affectionate gestures. Get ready for a dose of cuteness overload!

The highlight of this video is the breathtaking moment when Chilli and Milli’s wings grow strong enough for them to embark on their first flights. You’ll feel the rush of emotions as they take flight for the very first time, showcasing their natural grace and agility in the air.

Don’t miss this extraordinary journey of love, dedication, and the pure joy of witnessing life’s wonders unfold. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated on Chilli and Milli’s incredible growth, and be a part of this enchanting experience with us!

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    30 replies to "Green Ringneck Baby Parrot Growth Stages | Full Care And Training"

    • @Jaichelani66

      Mera baaby parrot 2 month kaa hone wala haai fir bi uske pankh nhi aye pls koi solution batao❤

    • @user-gw2zf5pl4j

      Bhai mere pas 9 days ka parrot baby hea

    • @RajpootRumman

      Bhai yeh neck q hila rahay hain itni

    • @proplayer1090

      1.5 month baby indian ring neck parrot what give them food..pls

    • @sunandaroy4004

      You fast their age 10 days ❤When you adopted them ,they were only 4 days ,not 14 ❤❤

    • @all_games_76

      I like your video ❤ nice brother 😮

    • @Himel..p

      my love parrot… 😊😊😊😊

    • @adnaninbox

      what they eat ?

    • @jaydeepnargawaofficial8540

      Bhai dono baby parrot male hai

    • @eTknzuqb_kabir

      sir, what is the food to give them in syringes?

    • @ANSH_.YT.

      Bhai april month me mil jayege kya parrots ke baby tree me

    • @Neetnotes9886

      2 month old parrot ko water de sakte he

    • @aachall3456

      Konsa food de jo easily digest ho…

    • @user-jg1uc4bg4q

      Why no ring around the necks?
      I dont understand


      Ise kya khila rhe ho 14 days k age me….?

    • @anchalimariappan8475

      I rescued a parrot from my bathroom drain just 4 to 5 days old.

    • @akhtarrasul3802

      at what age , we should start try to teach raw baby for talk ?

    • @raiyan4674

      دونوں پرندے بڑے ہو کر لڑکی نہیں بلکہ لڑکے بن گئے۔

    • @epec888

      Mine is now 5 weeks old, how and when am i supposed to give it water

    • @archanadevi9390

      I love this parrot

    • @diggubariha651

      Pahadi nahi hai

    • @diggubariha651

      Consa tota hai

    • @ibisco_viola

      Non fare stare in gabbia queste meravigliose creature!!

    • @sobiayousuf9416

      MashaAllah, Hi, din main kitni baar feed karvana hota hai if approx age is 20 days..

    • @satheessathees-ud3fb

      சூப்பர் நான் பாத்ததிலையே ரொம்ப பிடிச்ச வீடியோ இது தான்

    • @fizzaasghar5063

      zbrdst, kamal hai sir.. !itny sary moment capture kiye and best time Lapse video ever,

    • @BilliRajpoot3280

      6:50 Mashallah 🌟👍

    • @BilliRajpoot3280

      Good work bhiii keep it up🌟

    • @Sheisnoor_

      Parrots k digestion k liye koi medicine bta de jo easily available ho

    • @FreefireLover-oe1lw

      Akhe kitne din me nikalta he bro

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