Dave went for a visit to @TylerNolan’s new place where he went from one bird previously to 4! Two macaws and two cockatoos! We decided it would be fun to surprise him with some new toys from our all natural bird toy line and our brand new perches for his flock!

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Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    20 replies to "He went from 1 bird to 4!! 🫣"

    • Happy Huskies

      Heyyy just asking something. I’m concerned for my birds because they have been hiding in a bin full of toys (which they gladly renovated and filled with shredding) and everytime we let them out, they just stay with each other in there for hours on end. It’s come to the point we aren’t scared about leaving them out of the cage all day. And they have both been acting different (specifically out male, the female doesn’t do this much) such as bobbing his head, being far more loud, and “protecting” her if that makes sense. we honestly don’t know if their sick or if they just need some alone time??

    • Butterfly

      Awww. . Rip Chloe 😢

    • Zunair Birds

      Beautiful sharing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • CoriKloful

      Sorry but Tyler should not have these birds. He is collecting animals way to fast.

    • Julian Angel

      😂😂 the ending…. Oh no you didn't!

    • Randi R.

      I couldn't hear him talking when he was feeling the snakes. The music was too loud. What did he get bit by and lose part of his finger?

    • Neat Nancy

      I do admire that Tyler has a pair of each…

      it's best for a birds mental health to bond to their own kind rather than humans.

    • Zen Frog

      Baby Chicks LOL

    • yeet nama

      Your daughter is like your twin it's so cute lol

    • Kiki Rose

      Unfortunately Chloe passed not too long after you filmed this. It wasn't anything he did wrong just something that happened.

    • Amy P

      Interesting video, but I honestly could have skipped seeing the snakes eat the mice, and the gator eating the baby chicks. (I feel you, Jamie!) I know that's what they do, but I don't want to see my cats disemboweling a mouse, either. Seeing the Sphinx kitty was great, though. Still love you guys. <3

    • Tony Hunt

      i have 3 gose and 6 duck they all free fly and triand on recall to it so nice to see them fly and land in water and play in the water

    • MJ

      RIP Chloe. 😢

    • Stas Horodnyansky

      Great video! Great timing, i have a question – i know that you cannot let parrots communicate with dogs and cats because it's dangerous, among other things, because of saliva. I have a budgie and a leopard gecko, is it safe for them to interact? They've both shown interest to meet each other, but i did not let them near each other without some barrier (like a cage or a terrarium), but can i actually let them interact?

    • Tracey Ryche White

      Please play some Pantera for your new Cockatoo's! They love to headbang and I love watching them do it. You're never to old to rock out. I am enjoying the EDM you got playing now.

    • Sandy

      Re: Diet Conversion for a Parrotlet posted on BirdTricks KIDS channel today, comments not enabled there but I had to say: Watch it! If you enjoy seeing a tiny parrotlet playing Capri and Jaimeleigh off each other, cutest thing ever. Capri, you are doing such an awesome job with Bluee, his confidence has grown! he not only feels comfortable foraging in other birds cages lol, but he will also tell Jaimeleigh to back off. a very entertaining lesson on feeding. TY Dave and Tyler for this tour, thoroughly enjoyed except TMI at the end 😬, though was curious bout the chicks.

    • Melissa Trader

      I think she's absolutely amazing and awesome and I enjoy her videos more than you guys's videos so like yeah she's awesome

    • Melissa Trader

      I just called one kid your wife talent saying that she's taking your daughter to preschool I could have sworn she was seven or eight how old is she

    • Lisa Haase Custom Sewing

      I started watching White House on the Hill a few years ago when they incubated/hatched their 1st Emu Bamboo. This is a really neat homesteading family with lots of different birds such as Indio Gigante Chickens, the worlds tallest chickens from Brazil, Hook Billed ducks, Mandarin ducks, red tailed pheasants. And, yes, their aviary is going to be huge. It is still under construction.

    • Fonzy S

      Masterpiece 👌🏼

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