Tired of getting poop on your things? You can easily train your bird to poop at its cage. In this video I explain what to do, what not to do, and positive reinforcement. Hope this helped.

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    28 replies to "How I Potty Trained My Conure Parrot"

    • valerieg1980

      What state are you licensed in? I enjoyed your video btw

    • Bogdanski

      Do you think that I can start trying training my 1 year old cockatail to do that? Her pooping everywhere is driving me mad, but i feel its way too late to train her to do anything.

    • Shafeeque's Aviyal

      Why did you stopped your videos.. it helped me….

    • bridgette stanley

      I do that with my budgies when they take their baths two of them do and two don't so ima do it more

    • chastine yiu

      You're smart, and cute

    • Nennine001

      I do just that in the morning. I praise her. But…… I clean up after her. I will praise her after she does her business. I will try giving her a little treat in the morning and continue when she goes again. Is there a way to encourage her to go other times?

    • hh uu

      ur amaaazzzziiinnnggg thinks for the tips

    • Juri

      Hi Aaron funny I came across this channel. Just a new Bird owner of budgie and also just acquired my real estate license at 19, what a wonderful algorithm that has sent me to you lol. All the best man

    • Rjei Loyola

      Your so cute ❤

    • Hakeema Safi

      I wish he made more videos lol

    • 『Zariaxpasta』

      “You can teach your boot to- you can teach your bird to poop on your bed-“ LMAOOO IM DEAD

    • Joy Hines

      Hey I’m surprised you only have one video? My daughter really liked this video. She just got a sun conure and is trying to learn as much as she can. She thinks your really cute btw lol

    • SecretSatan

      Is it me or does everyone name their birds Kiwi or Mango?

    • Eddy with Erectile dysfunction

      I accidentally taught my bird to poop on the couch by accident 😭 now he doesn't poop anywhere but the most inconvient places

    • Rodeety Stopaz

      Animals Are Dumber 🤣🤣🤣

    • Sapphire Wolf123

      'animals are dumber' yeah my guy you DO realise right after you said that mango tried to pinch ur hand with it's beak-

    • aaini ainni

      Good advises 👍

    • infamous87ny

      They are all named Mango!!

    • Elisa E

      "Animal are a little dumber?!!" What?!😣

    • Vanita Poorun

      Thx for the tips

    • Aditi Baviskar

      Ok can i just say something. I went on his channel to search for other videos and found out that there is only one video there😂😂

    • Burnt chicken nugget The second

      we need a update on mango

    • Youareme Meme

      Animals are not dumb… They just don't understand us and neither do we understand them!

    • Rehd66

      Jesus does everyone name their sun conure Mango?

    • Tomati Potati

      I named my parrot, Mango too haha :3 ty for the tips! Follow up vid w/ your Mango~!

    • Miraculous Qur'an

      Never gonna train my bird to poop in my bed😂💔


      What type of parrot is mango

    • Nilayy.

      I might get a bird, and my mum is scared because she thinks that it will poop everywhere so I really needed this

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