🎥 I feel this is a much needed video because it makes life so much simpler, by helping you to have a potty-trained parrot 🦜🦜. I’m not saying now that there will never be an accident on your floor or shoulder, but birds are extremely communicative and they deserve the potential to take the time to train like your dog or any other pet. It’s important for birds to be able to fly because it keeps their muscular tissues stronger. In addition to all this, it also gives lots of fun to your bird!

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My dear goodsoul’s 🤗,
I make these parrot vlogs to bring awareness to these intelligent and sensitive parrots which locked in cages forever in peoples’ homes . My goal is to show the world how smart and incredible these creatures are by entertaining, educating and sharing my parrots’ “Engaged Not Caged” life with the people and hopefully inspire you to do the same for your birds or encourage someone else who has birds to educate themselves! So, join this journey with me and let us share our message together.

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Do Watch 🎥(My own experience)
How to Tame your parrot 🦜 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Gc_lufGZp8

How I Found My Lost Bird 🦜: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQgiAKYIuFw

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    7 replies to "How to Potty Train your Parrot🦜 in தமிழ் (2 Simple Tricks) | Bird Bath | Training | Tamil Vlog"

    • kishoreajay

      Bro i have a parrot will it work for my parrot


      Hello bro I will telling broad parrot bro in Catcher and come parrot bro

    • Indhira Printers

      viodo place podu pro


      Hi bro I'm having African love birds pair it is 4 months ago how to hand tame it but I came to came cage it's so afraid on me how to bond them plz tell also it is pair but I don't know male or female plz tell

    • Comparism editz..

      bro naa myna vechiruken but athu valara valara toilet adhigama poi kitte erukku athukku eppadi toilet training kodukarathu

    • Android app creator

      Bro en bird enna thoda va vudamatinguthu what to do and valiya vachi touch panna kadikuthi

    • SK VLOGS

      Bro Ella birds kum ithu work aguma

      For example for African love birds

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