Hey YouTube, welcome to All About Pets. In this video, I have shared 3 tips to train your Cockatiel to Talk. I hope you will like this video.

The Seed Mix I use in WINTERS-

If you are interested in know more about training parrots, do give this playlist a watch-

Special Video – How to Train a Parrot to Talk – https://youtu.be/TvU6nLlzdKY

Winter care Tips to keep your birds healthy-

Story of Piko the Budgie-

More DIY videos here-

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    9 replies to "How to Teach A Cockatiel to Talk? || Parrot Talking Training Tips || All About Pets (Hindi)"

    • Anasha 1212

      I have a yellow face cocktail bird he is so cute I love him so much but your Cadbury and milky bar is so cute too

    • Narender Rohila

      Mera cocktail boht sare words or song gata h mne bhi handfeed se bda kia h vo mjse boht attach h but m usko mumma bolna sikhana chti hu abhi vo 1 saal ka hogya h kya kru kse sikhau usko mumma bolna
      Aapke bird Jsa hi h mera chiku ulta krdu ya kuch bhi kru vo mjse pyar krta h khelta h mare Bina nhi rhta bilkul fully tamed h

    • 义ابابیل义

      kaha se lawou?

    • Sarfaraj uddin Paik

      What is the meaning of tamed please tell

    • Johan7545

      Mera yellow African lovebird has been sudden death i was very sad i couldn't save my bird i m alone i have only one lovebird is green and after he will be die and i couldn't save them.

    • Rebecca Luke

      Cadbury is my favourite 🙈♥️♥️ and so is your channel 😘 big fan💐

    • bhoumik Vishwakarma

      Hi I am your old subscriber

    • Debasish Mojumder

      Awesome video cadbury and milkybar❤

    • Anmol KANAUJIYA

      Bhai mujha apna budgie's sa breeding chaiya but ma asa.first time kar raha hu bhi cage ka sath nest box lagana ka pura video banaiya aur budgie's kya mera room ma breed karwa sakta hu aur mera room ma log aata jata ha . Bhai pls reply

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