I hope you enjoy this video on how to train your bird to wave! Let me know if you’d like to see any other training tutorials!

Training and Spin Trick: https://youtu.be/kBkxB3YFGDI

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    15 replies to "How to Teach Your Bird to Wave! | Easy Parrot Trick Training Tutorial | BirdNerdSophie"

    • parrots & pooches

      Smart girl ❤️

    • Jeremy Kellam

      Thank you for this video! Love your content! I will be training my bird to wave soon! 👍 P.S. can budgies learn to wave?

    • Vanessa Farber

      Hi Sophie, can a cockatiel wave please. Trudy will only lift her foot, i cant seem to get her to hold her foot up anh higher. Thank you so much x

    • J 🦋

      Wow I was just thinking I’d love to teach my babes how to wave and this popped up! Good timing haha haven’t even watched yet but thank you Sophie! ☺️❤️

    • Farhan Ishraq

      seeds,veggies,fruits,softfood balanced diet or pellet diet.
      Which do you prefer??

    • Candice T

      By the way, r u going to make the diet guide soon? I can't wait for the vid! 😄😄

    • Cayleb Honsbein

      Thank you for this video
      I really loved it😋

    • Old Person

      This was fabulous! I was literally just searching how to teach a bird to wave lol.

      Lucky guess 😂

    • Candice T

      Thanks for the tutorial! It will come in handy when teaching Fluffy to wave! Olive is so smart!!

    • Kiwi's Flock

      Olive is so smart!! 💙

    • An G's Feathered Friends

      Do you have a tutorial for basic step up?
      I think a lot of people skip over that and try to go right into bigger things. A few of my budgies don't step up still. Be interesting to see how you guys go about getting that basic starting trick in.

      How about one for recall indoors? like if your bird flies up to a doorway to tall for you to get by hand

    • TheParrotTeacher

      She's such a smart girl!

    • Bunty McSadpants

      Olive is so smart and pretty! I'm going to try this with Penny 😃

    • Love of Pets

      I love the wave. I just posted on Instagram of my Superb Parrot waving. Your conure is adorable 😍

    • Nurgles left tentacle

      I'm not sure if I'm using the correct technique but I have my two sitting in my shoulders watching this video intently. I'm not sure if they are taking notes though. I'll test them later! lol

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