I hope you enjoyed this parrot training tutorial on how to teach your bird to flip!

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    19 replies to "How to Train Your Bird to Flip! | Easy Parrot Trick Training Tutorial | BirdNerdSophie"

    • drumb0

      Tomorrow’s training is definitely going to include having a go at this! Thank you Sophie

    • ornithology dude

      I'll try this with gizmo soon!

    • Connie Cruz

      Hi my friend, I am confused with the dry mix for dinner for my budgies. Should I soak the seeds and grains.

    • Candice T

      Cool trick!!

    • AW6 Gaming

      I have one cockatiel I am planning to buy a conure but I do not have money to buy a cage for conure so , is it ok to keep both in one cage ?

    • Noorzai 1x

      Anytime i try my conure goes halfway but dosent go up again

    • Luke Elessar Barcebal

      I have a five month old love bird with a partner that suddenly escape and never came back is it still possible to tame it?

    • Rose Ankara

      Urgent! Please help me I got henna tattoo on my hand and my cockatiels are scared! It's like they hate me now, they are also scared of gloves, what should I do! Please help reply ASAP

    • Vee

      “Scrombler” is the best nickname

    • Connie Muttart

      I’m sorry that you were getting a lot of hate comments. I absolutely love your channel and appreciate all that you put into it. Your genuine happy joyful presentation is wonderful

    • Connie Muttart

      What do you use as treats since your birds don’t like nuts?

    • Birds 365 Виктор Воронин Певчие птицы

      Since childhood I have loved birds! + (🔔👍✔️)😏😃

    • birdieculture

      Dunno why YT recommended your video to me but, I sure am not gonna complain! lol

    • neeli

      Soooo cute!! I taught my quaker to flip on his rope perch and now he does it on his boing too 😂

    • TheParrotTeacher

      So cute seeing when they complete the behaviours!

    • Zodd

      What a cute behaviour! I'll definetely try it.

    • Gina Truiolo

      Good girl pickles!!!! She loves to show off her skills!!!. Scampi is halarious. Good job Sophie!!

    • Asseyez-vous

      Training a larger bird to flip: Tell them they’re going to bed when it isn’t bed time 👍

    • Linda Bell

      I have a 21 year old green cheeked conure who has become very grumpy in his old age. I could never get him to do this! Your birds are amazing ☺️. Greetings from Glasgow

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