Hi Guys hope u saw the first episode & now ur parrot sits on ur hand.

Episode 👉🏽https://youtu.be/KTYAN0vbCSQ

So now the Challenge comes, how to deal with his pooping habits.

this video will help you do so.

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    15 replies to "How to Train your Parrot | Episode 2 – Potty Training | Nihal Pets"

    • Desi couple

      Best breeder ever.. full of knowledge and available all the time to help you.. teaches you the right way to keep a bird .. big fan.. I got such a healthy sun conure from him and his guidance has helped me to bond with my bird .. if you listen and get a bird from him then I vouch that you will be really happy..

    • abdul majid khan

      Sir ji bird flying training k video banaye kuch


      How train iguana ye topic pe video bana do

    • Sunny Sheema

      Episode 3 kab banao ge bhaiya ji still waiting

    • Sunny Sheema

      Bhaiya agar parrot bite karta h to fer kaise step up training karwaye

    • Samreen Sadaf

      Bahot khub sir😊

    • Sadath Hussain 161

      Will u sell me birds

    • Arpit Desai

      Ap Gujarat delivery kar sakte he parrot ki???

    • 5606 Parleen Kaur

      sir indian ringneck parrot h mere pass woh starting se mere sath hai from day one pr woh tame ni ho paa rhe they always bite me one is quite friendly but one is very aggressive what should i do? they dnt even let me touch them


      Brother how to stop conures from biting? Please make a videos using this topic!!! Your suggestions are very much helpful for beginners.

    • Faisal Abbasi

      Bhai 3 apisode nahi ayaa abhi tk

    • dnyandeep manwar

      Please make some new video in this series of woh to train my bird.

    • Soni Chaurasia

      Apna budgie pa video nahe banyea

    • Riti Jaiswal

      Hey sir, my parrot is Alexander parrot and he is 3 month old …. Sir I needed to tell u that his beak is mostly hot means like very warm and i was just worried about it………..so this could be a problem or its normal

    • Kali Dhami

      Who love parrot like below ☺☺☺

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