Do we look silly? Yes. Is it effective? Think so. Rate our Apollo impressions.

Teaching Apollo the Talking African Grey Parrot using Model/Rival training method
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    29 replies to "How We Teach Apollo the Talking African Grey Parrot"

    • TJ

      Earn a pisnack?

    • Lynelle Stagman

      Would he be able to learn to recognize words? Like if you held up the word glass and taught him what it said.

    • Ashley Reese

      You all are so amazing with Apollo! I love how calm patient and encouraging you all are!!! As far as Apollo goes well he is a parrot genius wonder🥰

    • Catsin Q

      What is the purpose of having the human sometimes give the wrong answer? How does that support Apollo learning the right answer?

    • Iracema Sousa

      in the end you can see dalton and apollo looking at tori with a deep attention. it was so funny 😂

    • Sheryl Miller

      Give this man a wrench😅😂

    • Ossum_Possum

      I can relate to Apollo's attention span, hahaha.

    • IndiBrony

      Tori is very well trained.

    • Станислав Старостин

      Сегодня он против школы!

    • Bahnzai

      It's so interesting to see how the diffusion of knowledge and learning happens Apollo, Tori, and Dalton. Thanks for sharing!

    • Andreou 2

      Is that a Hey You Pikachu N64 👀 Nice collection of Nintendo Consoles you guys have!

    • scientific idiot

      These are life goals. what a fantastic life situation, you and tori are so cute together, apollo is practically the mischievous child, with Soleil and Ophelia being little silly toddlers. this really is something special that is just a joy to watch.

    • Meyos Dominguez


    • Julie Robichaud

      Well Tori is doing great!

    • Bruce

      Tori's really coming along!

    • Nick Georgiou

      Curse your object permanence Apollo!

    • horsegranola

      Working with Apollo really is almost the exact same as working with a child. The way you use examples for him, like when you ask Tori questions, is so cool! Give him a pistash for me 😊

    • Elder Dias

      So boring!!!!!

    • Dustiness

      Bandura would be proud 🥺

    • Not Unicorns and Rainbows

      I love you guys so much 🥰💓

    • pasumarthi sravanthi

      How to train my African grey

    • Sylvia Hoffman

      That is quite a process and it is very interesting how you trade off answering the questions and providing Apollo an example of how incorrect answers are addressed. You can tell by your videos you spend a lot of time with him and this training session shows your patience in working with him. I adore you teaching him complete sentences, it's very unique

    • Amanda Dube

      You guys should play sesame street for Apollo 🙂

    • Derpy Dashie

      He really does not want to learn today. Also I have the exact same coffee table lol

    • Kevo

      Apollo the whole time thinking "these humans have lost it" Jk I love these videos

    • Charles P.

      Super Nintendo! Rockin’ the retro!

    • Erica Canada

      I feel like I've learned so much ❤

    • Alteria

      Your training method is totally more effective than mine, but I don't want to do this silly method myself… And I don't need my budgie judging me anymore than she already does…

    • ANNA TV

      Soo cute 🥰

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