After putting the harness in the cage and let my cockatiels Lemon, Ana and Quishna play with the harness for months, I finally tried to put it on the cockatiels. Their reactions are totally different due to different personalities. See who is the one that has got used to the harness.


G’day! We’re from Australia with 3 native cockatiels.

Ana: Female, DOB 27/09/2020
Ana was a grey pearl cockatiel and she was bald as she was abused by her parents before she’s 3 weeks old. She’s timid and can be easily scared.

Lemon: Male, DOB 29/10/2020
Lemon is a pied lutino cockatiel with grey pattern on the right wing. Lemon is naughty and lively. He can’t leave people even for one moment, he is unable to stay in the cage for too long.

Quishna: Sex Unknown DOB 07/12/2020
Quishna is a pied lutino as well with grey pattern on the left wing. Quishna is the youngest one and he/she is smart and proud – never allow people to touch but he / she is gradually becoming the lead of the 3.

We live as a family, eat and play together!


Ana:女性、DOB 27/09/2020

レモン:男性、DOB 29/10/2020

キシュナ:性別不明DOB 2020年7月12日



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    23 replies to "I Tried to Put Harness on Cockatiels for the first time"

    • @MeeraDima


    • @Xayles263

      just clip their wings

    • @ericsutz8026

      There is no way in any universe, and time or place, I could get my birds to wear a harness.

    • @faribashafaaty557

      کاش یکی ترو ببنده با نخهای رنگی

    • @rebeccamartinez4930

      My cockatiel will not get use to it she bites at it all will not be still

    • @29bacar

      Please take the harness off. The bird is trying to bite it to get it off and it feels uncomfortable for the bird. It's not just "getting used to it", the bird may just not want it.

    • @kierrawoofter

      This looks way easier then me trying in real life lmao smh

    • @star77-zastarax86

      which size did you get please?

    • @GoldenGinto

      Please how I tried holding my cockatiel he keep on screaming and getting his head out of the harness pls

    • @hamletksquid2702

      They must make these with little tiny T-Rex arms.

    • @kaushalmaheriya7584

      Where can i buy one of these please send link

    • @SVA289

      What size for cockatiel? 🙂

    • @callsign_squirrel475

      Yea this is 100% WRONG you don't just shove them in you slowly work on them,you put their head in first and take it off and reward them and keep doing this process over and over again then putting their wings in.your bird is biting the harness cause it dosent like it you need to train your bird its a good thing

    • @rahimaakbari3771

      i want to buy one of those too! can u leave a link to yours?

    • @lizzy9989

      why are you doing this to your bird. they are clearly uncomfortable with it on. imagine someone putting a full body harness on you and we aren't even as close as sensitive as birds. :/

    • @radionoakmont7756

      awwwwwwwwws such photogenic sweetybirds love them a lot so adorable

    • @marycuna6614

      That's good I love the little wings Watch that blue tongue lizard He snuck in the house coz he saw them walking around he is likely hiding in d scrub plants God bless u have a wonderful heart they r sweet 🐦🇳🇿

    • @ellencastro7948

      0:23 He: i have two wings, don´t need more wings, human.

    • @ellencastro7948

      if i trying make this in my bird, he will remove my finger.

    • @vasilija8753

      I't cute

    • @douglaslopez6178

      Aweee Quishna is being a baddie trying to bite…she'll get use to the harness…she's so adorable..her yellow feathers…cockatiels are so cuteee!!!

    • @amrithaajith726

      That's great 🥰

    • @shworn4487

      If you’ve got to hold them in the same spot to get it on (pretty much, if they’re not choosing to stand in that spot and not move) then they’ll come to really dislike it, or atleast will always be hesitant of it.

      The second they even flinch in the other direction, just don’t try again for a long while (obviously, I don’t know how much time passed in between the cuts in the video).

      It’s essential that they actually want to do it, otherwise you will ALWAYS have to physically hold them still (and they’d probably always be quick to try and get out of it) and it won’t be a positive experience for them (not to say that if it’s not postive then it has to be a negative or very scary thing for them, just that it won’t be a process they enjoy, rather one they submit to)

      And I’m not saying your birds were scared or anything in this video, but especially that first one was a little bit annoyed.

      What I would do is see how close I can get the harness to them without them moving away or freezing up, (let’s presume I get it within 10cm of them) then I would give them a reward and take the harness away. Then, after atleast an hour or so, I would go again and get the harness just one centremetre / cm closer, then treat again.

      I’d slowly inch it closer and closer (just a few cm every now and then or even I’m the whole day) until they aren’t scared, look forward to it, and most importantly choose themselves to stay still and let it be put on them

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