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Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    9 replies to "If You're Going to Have Someone BIRD SIT, WATCH THIS FIRST!"

    • Meg Conroy

      My parents are great with my cats…my dogs (although they give too many treats). My birds. Big no! They're too hard to read and they're not precise enough with them. Which is funny because I've had rabbits and they were super hard and I trusted them with them. But I don't think my parents love the birds as much as I do.
      Thank you for the resource.
      🤪 🦜 ❤️

    • BirdNerdSophie

      Great video! I'm still searching for someone who can bird sit for our flock of seven 😅

    • Anne Lynn

      My niece and her daughter will bird sit for me,they don't have bird experience(which is great),They do the job that's asked,never trying to touch the birds,I also have a pet camera watching them when I am out or away,

    • lahla13

      Good to know in these wiggly times we live in, that there exists the two of you, putting forth sane, grounded, clear information for all concerned ~ You make the world a better place with your example, knowledge & care ~

    • Lindas Place

      Aren’t you terrified to go home after a trip not knowing if anyone died while you were gone 😳

    • Amanda Bennett

      Being an animal caregiver for others, just do it on the side because im the "animal person" for friends and family. And its hard to find help for my zarm(zoo/farm) and finding people that are on the same wave length and vibe as you is hard. Expecially with exotic experience. Ive had and made my own hand books for all houses i sit for and my own zarm. Keeping the balancd in the house is key for when owners are away.

    • Kirsten Jones

      Thank you for putting out such wonderful and useful content and making it available to everyone!!!

    • Marije

      I actually only wanted my mom to take care of my birds BECAUSE she is afraid of birds. My birds are impossible to get into the cage (bc they usually don’t have a cage), so anyone who isn’t used to handling birds but is too fearless, would maybe let them out – even if I told them not to do that – and wouldn’t be able to get them back in. I had a backup bird friend who could come if they escaped, but since my mom is scared… she wouldn’t let them escape :’) that’s why I trusted her hahaha.

    • Angelica Amora

      Thank you so much for this. I know the hard wrok process you guys do for us. ❤❤❤

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