Just a few of my tips to new bird owners – what are yours?? Leave them in the comments and lets help each other out!!

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    22 replies to "My Advice to NEW Parrot Owners"

    • Steve Truth

      LIterally, you are letting the birds interrupt you. I love watching birds and owners, but I'm watching to get advice. Finding this on a LOT of bird channels.

    • Drew Rholl

      This is the most helpful video ever

    • Natalie Clayton

      I got an Indian Ringneck 11 days ago. I was told he is 8 months old and hasn’t been handled much. He will now come out when I open his cage and let’s me put him back in by stepping up on a perch. He is taking treats from me but still moves away quickly. I’m happy with his progress so far. I decided it was a good idea to get him comfortable taking treats from me before I start target training. Slow and steady for my blue baby 💙

    • Kacholu Jaan

      I recently got a ring neck parrot who was hand raised and was in chop and pallet (not the healthy one but the colourful ones) diet. She is 6 months old which I was told, and I have figured out that she does not know how to eat seeds and nuts.

      How am I suppose to help her learn how to eat seeds? Will she choke on seeds if I try to give her?

    • CVArts

      would be nice if birds could be potty trained like dogs and cats.


      What advice would you give me i have just bought a loorikeet she is 15 weeks old i have learned her step up no bite come she knows the difference between fruits ii need some advice please

    • Alesa Estrada

      I really love seeing the birds in your videos it’s so cool seeing them interact with humans over an extended timeframe other than just showing the animal I’ve just recently started being intrigued by birds and the possibility of having 1 as a pet.seeing the behavior is definitely great so I can see more of what I would be getting into seeing as they’re very complex animals, I love your channel.

    • John Halliday


    • Robin Bundy Palm Beach County Real Estate

      I recently adopted a yellow-headed amazon 7 weeks ago. She was very vocal and engaged. She must have been abused with a stick and is petrafied. I believe we have lost the bond and need immediate help to get her back please.

    • Yuhe's dance

      your video is really cute!

    • komodor P

      Super vidéo, comme 99.9% du temps, j'ai bien aimé le conseil final: le perroquet ne cherche pas a NOUS faire plaisirs.
      I liked the advice: parrot don't want to make us laugh or happy. I see it with mine.

    • meycoe

      You match your couch ….. except for the poops!

    • Desibouy

      Hey, I've been watching a few of your video's recently and thought I'd ask for some help. I bought an Amazon Orange Winged Parrot from a shop, he had loads of other variety of species too like Cockatoos, Budgies, Indian Ring, etc. He's 6 months old, he sits on a perch all day and hardly wants to move. I spent 3 weeks trying to bond with him and he would fly onto my hand if I had some apple or banana or step up (not sure if he understands yet those words) when he's sat there he's either grooming himself or plucking not sure but I'm seeing a lot of feathers on the floor now. Worried, I took him to the vet and he's come back with the Beak and Feather Virus. I'm not sure what it is but since the Vet visit (he did bite me) he's just forgotten the bond, it's weird its like he doesn't know me, that was like 1.5 weeks ago, If I go close he moves away, or runs for it. there's been probably 2 days since the vet visit that' he's let me pet him. I read online been doing some research that this virus can be fatal to humans, and can cause all sorts of flu like symptoms including inflammation. I have 2 young girls and being scared, I just rang the company I purchased the vet from and he's said to me, that all birds have this virus, he said he doesn't do refunds, but then when I said I'm going to take him to the RSPCA (Animal Cruelty & Protection) he said OK bring him here, I'll get him checked out by my vet and that I shouldn't have spent so much money on his blood report, he said he will refund me or I can take another vet. Ofc I said to him, its not about the money it''s about how many other birds have this virus that you're selling to other people but he kept telling me there's nothing wrong, it's molting season etc… Sorry for venting here but I'm going mad right now. Please can you advise… Thank you.

    • Asherleh

      Do you have a video surrounding how you prep & store their seasonal feeding system? I'm interested in better ways to manage my boy's (IRN) food 🙂

    • Kelly Paris

      Does anyone know what kind of parrot the pink and gray is it in the cockatiel.? Family I find stunning

    • Carol Hartley

      Hi Jamie, I have your 3 books on natural feeding system, only thing is i only have Jake so how much should i make, ive made too much alot of times, how can i get the portions correct, of course I freeze some, im sure the books say but omg, I just keep making too much, sounds stupid i know, help answer how i can get the correct portions for one bird, a gcc♥️

    • Q.C.

      How can I help to train my Black-Capped Lori to fly more, He Prefers to climb 98% of the time. He looks like he wants to fly but I think he lacks the confidence even though I very much encourage him with praise lots since I don't know what to use as treats for a Pollen and Nector parrot. He usually gets told he's a good boy and gets kisses as rewards.

    • akj1818

      Absolutely with the food!! I’m a fur baby mom of dogs, and they get NO table scraps. Ever. Because I LOVE them, and people food isn’t dog food! Or Bird food.

    • ARK Babe 🦖

      What are thoes two birds? A type of parrot I'm assuming. They look so beautiful 😍

    • Boobie Rubi

      Love your videos and I have parrots but I never gave them table food at all I have given them fruits or vegetables but in their own bowls never off my plate because I don’t add butter and stuff to theirs I keep it natural as possible . But if they see me eating they still want my stuff and I never gave them anything off my plate like ever and they still scream for me whenever they see me eating .

    • elhombre207

      good advice but his video could be about 3 minutes long if she was able to focus

    • Joulanda Habib

      Hi can you give me advice on new galah that my friend gave me but keeps biting me and I put him with my own galah

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