In this video, we have shared some tips to help you in target training. These tips are based on some common mistakes that are made by people. So, watch our video and avoid these mistakes.

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    8 replies to "Parrot Training || Target Training Tips || Parrot Taming"


      Good information.god bless you.

    • Endless Adventure with AHD

      You explained very well

    • Raj Gautam

      Wah Bhai itni achhi vedio aur itne km like and subscribe

    • Flying Parrots

      Bhai aap muhu se Nikal ke deraheho ye baht Ghinona lagrahe🤮🤮🤮 chii..

    • Flying Parrots

      Bhaya aap muhu se kya Nikal ke dereho 🤔🤔

    • BAHLOO gaming

      Love your videos….why you hold seed in your mouth? Plz plz reply and upload more and more videos on YouTube i love your videos

    • Farooq Umar

      What should be given to the parrot as a treat or reward

    • Shishir Bhowmick

      Hi Tahab,(I hope i spelled ur name correct, if not please correct me). Liked ur tips. Nice video. Keep up the great work. Love from India.

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