Practicing outside today with Kiwis high-fives and waving hello. When I make a specific whistle or call him by his name is how I have trained him to come back on demand.
Letting a bird be a bird that’s not caged up all the time is what I feel is right as a bird owner. There are risks with free flying through its a risk im willing to take to allow him to have the best life possible! Feeling free, lots of exercise and will always come back as he’s bonded to us. He also loves his food too much to defend for him self…. Haha


Fan Mail, Gifts or drawings of Kiwi can be sent to:
PO Box 2554, RPO Dartmouth, Tacoma, NS, B2W4B7 Canada

(Videos could be posted for opening what Kiwi receives in mail!)

    13 replies to "Parrot Waving Hello While Free flying Outside"

    • Damon Thomas

      He can even fly outside?!? I'm so jealous of your life!

    • Mark

      Creepy says Parrot.

    • reubenitesisinthefaith


    • Peter Venzor

      Love that bird

    • Subhasish Das

      Your bird is free. Everyone should pet birds like this. Birds should not be kept captive in cages.

    • *Justice is Coming*🔨⚖️

      You pose for the camera too much. It went from being about Kiwi….to being about you posing. How does your husband feel about this? The point is, though is that it does really detract from the videos that you showboat more and more.

    • Adil Aleem

      Kiwi so beautiful I love kiwi ♥️♥️♥️

    • Jaggy

      That bird is beautiful but he's spottable from the air be so careful a hawk doesn't see him. My wife and I say "Thank You Baby!" now to one another all the time in Kiwis voice. Just keep your eyes open when he's free flying around.

    • Stella Cesario

      Hermoso y es adorable ese loro

    • cool

      he turns into wild bird for a few seconds, instead of saying English words he transitions into making wild bird sounds while flying outside but he comes back

    • Zen Vibe

      I'd be scared that he'ys fly away for good. So much trust in this cutie bird.

    • Kirk Roberts

      Very dumb to let him fly around outside a hawk or he could just fly away

    • MrTingleASMR

      How in the world can u have that much trust that the bird will always come back like that amazing

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