Learn a few of my tricks on teaching birds to talk from bird expert Rod Villemaire. Check out my book ” A Bird’s Eye View! ” for more directions on training your birds to talk. www.birdplanettv.com

    7 replies to "Teach your bird to talk with Rod Villemaire of Rod V's Bird Planet"

    • @reshrehesh5873

      The greatest success that ive had was by following the Parrot Ploy Plan (just google it) – I found it the no.1 natural method that I have ever seen.

    • @jkl799

      I've been watching several of your videos. You can tell how much you care about your birds. Thanks for sharing.. Hugs from Minnesota

    • Anoniem

      What a story.

    • @jayinjety6

      Hey my birds fly away when i say "step up". Help me

    • @BuiIdMoreFences

      the 70's called…they want their haircut, necklace and shirt back.

    • @derstreber2

      you should train one of your birds to say your email adress. if they havent picked it up by now πŸ™‚

    • @andrewpatterson7159

      Do you have a bird I could adopt?

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