Teach Your Parrot to TALK | Quaker Parrot talking | Monk Parakeet Talking

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    13 replies to "Teach Your Parrot to talk | Quaker Parrot Talking | Monk Parakeet Talking"

    • @animalworldbd72

      Wonderful Bird taking ❤

    • @angiem1124

      Love your videos and the bird. Sounds like he's been listening to that green ringneck, always says the same words. I'd rather hear any of your videos than this one after hearing too many of the ringneck videos.

    • @VelaProductionsDavid

      So cute! Wish you a nice week 😃

    • @SpotsandStripeMedia

      Super cute!

    • @Squirrel_631

      Very charming sound!😃😃

    • @dreamercraftcorner

      Omg u video just stop my quaker stop screaming

    • @AnimaiseAlma


    • @naturelover7282

      So Cute Baby 😘🤗❤😍

    • @justpetsbymhg488

      He loves to talk 😊
      And voice is very sweet 😊

    • @innocentmoments-yv3bk

      Always baby nice talking ❤❤

    • @yesidtac7863

      Son muy tiernos😂

    • @alicerios7766

      Baby is the best teacher🥰🤗
      He knows so many words, so
      the birdies can learn them and not
      get bored❤🦜
      Thank you for sharing this video,
      and xoxo for Baby the Best👍👍👍.

    • @cathywenashobbies

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful video👍👏🌹💚

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