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    16 replies to "Tips to Avoid & Reduce Biting"

    • @fahadara

      Where to get similar parrot stand bro? Looks amazing!

    • @maryhartsock7792

      This was a great video. I have worked with parrots for forty years and training and parrot psychology have come a long way. So glad to have found your channel.

    • @SunnyVerke

      This is a great video with amazing tips! Birds are conscious beings, not objects to play with. A lot of people don't process that when they get a bird. It's communication and respect, not force. How would you feel if I came up to you and just pushed into you commanding you to step up? I'd get pretty mad and probably bite too! I learned this very quickly having my first bird. And they have grumpy days just like us. Always acknowledge that.

    • @chriscorbin2059

      I adopted a Timney gray and taught him to step up without biting by offering him a grape, his favorite. He had the choice of the grape or my finger. Took two times before he would step up on his own but I continued to reward him until the "bribe" wasn't required

    • @DorisEasley

      Have you found Smokey??

    • @johnadams9044

      My 22 year old Amazon Congo grey bet of the entire leg of my English Budgie. The lovely Budgie died that night.

    • @drip461

      Me and my brother just got 2 african grey my brothers own is a girl and its calm but will still bite idk if his own can fly but mune is hostile and can fly idk what to do cause i cant just remove it from its cage or ad i am carrying it it will bite my finger and i will bleed

    • @lenasniezko1341

      Thank you so much. I will adopt a parrot soon, and these videos really help me πŸ™‚β€πŸ¦œ

    • @YushaEvans

      Hi I know this is an old video but if you can answer where do you get the stand you always use in these videos

    • @swilli5869

      My grandparents passed away four months apart leaving me with their two African grey parrots who are older than me. This channel is very informative as I am still afraid of them but want to build a bond and get them to trust me. Thanks for the information and insight ❀

    • @karenpeatey6226

      So well explained & the reasoning behind the training was so well articulated


    • @samanthabarr7984

      How do I get my pet African gray parrot to like me 😊😊😊

    • @xlilmisssunshinex5264

      Hi has Smokey been found yet? Been thinking about you both 😒

    • @rogermccants6804

      I have very old like your and the info I seen was great things you !!!

    • @eliranlahijani4895

      I made a huge mistake
      I forced my grey into the shower
      And he hates me
      He is so scared of me
      I don’t know what to do
      Any suggestions?

    • @jerrypeal653

      My McCaw says step up and raise a foot saying hey pick me up

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