Have you ever had to give your parrot oral medication? Did this mean grabbing and restraining your parrot twice a day for several weeks? No doubt this was very unpleasant for both you and your parrot. Some parrots are so traumatized by the experience they no longer trust their caregivers. To help your parrot bounce back from this difficult experience or to avoid it in the first place you can use positive reinforcement to train your parrot to accept oral medications voluntarily. You can turn taking medication into a behavior your parrot is eager to present.

In this Ebook professional bird trainer Barbara Heidenreich takes you through the steps it takes to train a parrot to accept fluids from a syringe for positive reinforcement. You will learn the basics of training, see examples of parrots going through the process of learning how to accept fluids from a syringe, learn important safety tips and special techniques to increase your success. You will see this behavior trained with parrots in a sanctuary with questionable training histories as well as those who show a fear response to a syringe. Also included are articles, real life success stories, useful forms, bonus materials and additional resources.

Visit this link to order: http://www.goodbirdinc.com/parrot-medication.html

Barbara Heidenreich
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    4 replies to "Train Your Parrot To Accept Oral Medication"

    • Barbara Heidenreich

      @effekt59 wonderful!!

    • Eric

      @GoodBirdInc I bought the ebook yesterday and it has already helped me get past a tough part with my bird. Making progress again. Thanks!

    • Barbara Heidenreich

      @effekt59 The training process in the ebook shows you how to train and reinforce the behavior : )

    • Eric

      So glad I found your video. I've begun training my cockatoo to take medicine from a syringe and making great progress but wondering how to continue to reinforce this. I look forward to reading your ebook!

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