Rasta very first session on spinning in a circle, of course he gives me a curve ball!
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    9 replies to "Training an Alexandrine Parrot (Hands Off Training)"

    • Roger

      So was it Rasta talking while he was doing the training? I love his voice.
      I do wonder what he is doing now in 2021. I love his voice. He is a talker. We still have to respect their comfort level. The eyes were a give away.

    • Jungkooksi

      I have the same kind of parrots and my mom wants me to train them so thank you for making it!

    • ImWatchingYT

      Can they talk ?

    • Familie Prinz

      finaly train this home run cornered again !!!

    • Ankita Jackson

      Please if you can suggest me for some treats that I can give him cause I have the same bird! thankyou.

    • Eric Kent

      He is a smart bird he looks like he is learning pretty quickly. I know I am learning very quickly. I can see that is a person want to be a parrot companion owner they need to learn how to train these guys they need the stimulation to stay happy I think. I think that it is probably cruel to just leave one of these very intelligent creatures to sit on top of their cage all day or to just hold them for a couple hours a day if you are not getting into training then you are not being a good parront

    • tahaniz

      no shes training for somebody else.

    • hulda2002

      Is he one of yours ?

    • Anna

      the turn at 3:21 looks like he's not even using the door to support himself! 🙂 i love rasta, he has the sweetest voice <3

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