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*Please know this video is directed at newcomers to free flight and some self proclaimed experts.

Due to the influx of messages coming in from owners whom have lost their parrots due to watching videos online/social media accounts I felt it best to post this video to put to a end the serious and dangerous false information being spread by people and even owners currently free flying.

I understand I am not the best speaker, however it’s not about that… it’s about bringing to light a very serious issue that more birds are being lost daily due to many social media accounts and online forums feeding wrong information.

As I mention in the video, having 10’s of 1000’s of followers or even more does not equal qualification, knowledge or experience. Even my own “Adventures of Roku” pages have many followers, this does NOT make me a expert…. however it does provide myself and others with followers opportunity to guide people to the right areas.

It’s crucial for people to understand that information/practices presented should always be screened to see if it’s science based.

For anyone currently free flying on social media, I urge that you remember that people are watching and literally taking their birds out randomly to free fly. So it’s crucial we redirect and guide people to actual science based training to completely understand what is involved and how to start.

www.libertywings.com has the science based course for anyone wishing to enroll.
This is the course I and many others have completed and now safely and successfully free fly.
I receive no financial gain for promoting it either (for anyone thinking that) I simply do not want to see any more tragic and Avoidable losses of birds.

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    • Aletia Hunt

      Well said, thank you

    • Cliston Rosario

      Thank you for providing this great information

    • Yahkira 1


    • Sean Kerr


    • joseph hopkins

      U did just find speaking and being awesome and giving positive information. Ur better at talking then ya think mate

    • Greer Ryan

      Catch me linking this video to my bird facebook groups where they go on and on about recall being the most important part of freeflight

    • MR

      My Indian ringnecks free flying training consisted of him getting out 3 times accidentally and coming back on his own. On the 4th occasion I purposely let him out having the gut feeling he wasn't going to fly away.

    • Scott Porter

      What is a good material for grip to put on PVC pipe perches You shouldn't use pvc pipe since it's way too smooth/slippery and the bird can easily lose it's grip and get hurt from a fall. Anyone have good recommendations? Just curious. I made an amazing tree stand for free (saved $400), but would like to build something with pvc pipe now..

    • Kyle Vice

      Thank you so much sir

    • Rainbow Chicken

      So beautiful!

    • iCSharp25

      Both my conures have free range in the house. They've become wizards in the air and it's amazing to watch. I started bringing them outside and today was their first "free flight" session. They kept real close and would fly to my wife and I as soon as we start walking away. But of course, we brought them home as babies and they still are babies. Our sun is 14 weeks old and our gcc is 10 weeks today. They're a ton of fun to have.

    • Courtney Carini

      Thank you for this. I do have three questions:
      1. I just got an Eclectus. The eclectus from what I know (which is very little) is more introverted and docile bird than the Macaw. Is as much flight required as the Macaw? And how would flight training differ?

      2. If I am in the middle of training my parrot for free flight, would a harness then become rather dangerous, because he will be more tempted to fly away from me when we're outside, and hurt himself with the harness?

      3. You mentioned that free-flight is a lifestyle, and requires an hour or more a day (this sounds like it's the same as exercise with humans). Though, does that mean if you can't commit to that much time, you should avoid free flight training completely? Isn't some better than none?

      Thank you so much for your time, research, and education.

    • Zeferino Arroyo

      I sadly lost my first Cockatiel when it got startled and flew away… a hard lesson for me…

    • Joel Arsenault

      My ringneck's cage fell at camp and my bird flew away. He spent the night in the forest. I'm really glad I spent time indoors teaching him to come to me. He was scared to jump out of the tree since he didn't have the space to open his wings and when he tried to walk out the branch would sag. I feel for this having a tree in the house could help in the training I however don't think I want to go though that again but accidents can happen and good training could save your bird like it did for me.

    • Rebecca Davidson

      Such wisdom sir! You are a one in a million guy! please everyone, listen and take heed to what he says!

    • C O P

      Could you reach a budgie flee flight?

    • jake Ryan

      So once again another video about free flight without actually giving anyone the info or techniques needed to do it with their bird. I'll save anyone time thinking they will watch this video, and get info on how to free flight without loosing their bird. Basically he is telling you to go to Liberty Wings, and sign up to pay for their class. This is not a bad thing, but just know you won't find the info you seek in this video.

    • Diana Russell

      OK, should I just ignore him except for general maintenance? Or just talk to him from outside the cage. I know I can be impatient and I don't want to push him. I'm just used to working with hand tamed birds which he was supposed to be but not so. Some people think because they hold a baby bird once it is hand tamed. oh well I couldn't leave him behind in the conditions he was living in even if he never let's me hold him.

    • Diana Russell

      My Red Rumped Parakeet isn't real flighty. He doesn't have a problem with me sticking my hands into his cage to put in his bath tub or his veggies as long as I don't go toward him. He will even "Step up" on a stick on command but if I try to switch to my finger he runs away. I don't get it because he switched to my finger with no problem one day last week then the next day he would have none of it. So we are back to the stick. I guess I will do the stick until he gets bored with it. I'm not sure what else to do. ľ am using a clicker and verbal praise during training but he will not take treats from my hand so I don't know if it means anything to him. I do leave treats for him in a treat cup after our session. I guess I just need to be patient. He came from a very tragic situation. I think it will be hard for him to trust people.

    • Diana Russell

      I forgot to mention that I have had my Red Rumped Parakeet for almost 4 weeks and I work with him daily on hand taming.

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