Sometimes I come to take my parrots’ good behavior for granted but I wanted to share with you a bunch of good behavior they do without food treats being given directly for it but as the result of the training I have done. In this video you can see my parrots flight recall to me for petting rather than treats, stepping up without biting, coming out of the cage, potty training, and flight recalling simultaneously to get to go back in the cage to eat.

Please read the complete article which is not about how but why to train parrots.

    10 replies to "Well Behaved Parrots (Step up, Potty Trained, No Biting, Recall, Petting)"

    • Donna Milligan

      Just got a parrot not really in the birds but I am enjoying him I’ve checked out a few YouTube channels but I found you to be the best thank you so much

    • Aras Aynaz

      It's stupit ı think ıts now scream ıts not beat ıs ıt parrot tell me?

    • yaqoob khan

      I am also well behaved

    • RaVenX2623

      Aww I appreciate the love you show these parrots. You can tell they trust and love you too.

    • Neversaw

      I have the most excited bitey clingy baby girl lovebird. I can't shower or go to the bathroom without being followed by her if she's out but I sit still and she's like 'yaaaasssss I love a sit still party' this girl is full of so much personality. Apparently in the nest she was bullying her brothers so I'm too scared to get her a buddy haha

    • Niki R

      My parrot hates me

    • actor-Lucy Lopez

      Wow!! I need u to come train my goffin. He hates staying in his cage.

    • Mina Cupcake

      My ringnecks: mmmmmmmm I don’t think so finger chomp uwu

    • Thespottedquoll

      Soooo how do you teach them this?

    • Luis Camacho

      Do you target train?

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